Mister Marshmallow's Christmas EP

by Mr Marshmallow

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This chocolatey-smooth, marshmallowy-soft Christmas EP is specially designed to warm your toes, melt your heart, and keep you wrapped all snuggly-warm in a lovely soft woolly blanket, over the Christmas period.


released December 19, 2016

Written, performed and recorded by Tim Harris, aka Mr Marshmallow,
and featuring the vocal talents of:

David Blazye
Charlotte Mendly
Michelle Cook

Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases!



all rights reserved


Mr Marshmallow Nottingham, UK

Hello. I write silly/fun Christmas songs for kids. Mostly about animals. I hope you enjoy them! Click on the YouTube link below to see my "Simon the Hedgehog" video.

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Track Name: Every Snowman Needs Somebody To Love (ft. David Blazye)

Every snowman needs somebody to
Help him through the long and lonely and
Silent, dark and frosty wintery nights

If you build a snowman, won’t you be
Kind enough to keep him company
Through the long and lonely wintery nights

You can build your man an igloo
For him to call his home
Or you can build a snowwoman
To stop him being alone

Every snowman needs somebody to
Hold him close and take good care of him
Every snowman needs somebody to love!

(Trumpet/Trombone Break)

You can build a Christmas present
And ask him round for tea
Or you can build a snowwoman
To keep him company

Every snowman needs someone to be
Living with in perfect harmony
Fits his personality like a glove…

If you ever build a snowman
Never say, “you’re on your own, man!”
Every snowman needs somebody to
(Everybody needs a snowman!)
Every snowman needs somebody to love!
Track Name: The Miracle of the Barnacle (ft. Charlotte Mendly)

Sally was a singing barnacle: A treat at Christmas time
Sally knew her carols off by heart – Her voice was so sublime!

When Sally sang Joy to the World, the oceans wept for joy
She melted every heart of every bivalve girl and boy

Sally lived upon a humpback whale: The whale’s name was John
John woke early on a Christmas Eve, and saw that Sally was gone!

“Oh, have you seen my barnacle?” became the Whale’s lament
“We used to sing in harmony until my Sally went!”

“Oh Sally! Oh Sally! You sang like an angel
“Oh Sally! Oh Sally! Did I scare you away?

“Oh Sally! I’d love to hear Away in a Manger
“Oh Sally! So please come home for Christmas Day!”

(Guitar Instrumental)

John was all alone on Christmas Day. He slumped back in his chair
By a miracle the doorbell rang, and Sal was standing there!

“Oh, John I’m sad I left you to become a megastar
“When money goes to your head, you forget who your friends are!”

“Oh Sally! Oh Sally! You sing like an angel
“Oh Sally! Oh Sally! Oh please won’t you stay?

“Oh Sally! I’d love to hear Away in a Manger?
“Oh Sally! I’m glad you’re home for Christmas Day!”

“Oh Sally! Oh Sally! You sing like an angel
“Oh Sally! Oh Sally! Oh please won’t you stay?

“Oh Sally! I’d love to hear Away in a Manger?
“Oh don’t be a stranger on Christmas Day!”
Track Name: Simon the Hedgehog (ft. Michelle Cook)

At Christmas time, Simon never celebrates
He never has a turkey or a sprout on his plates
To him the tales of Baby Jesus no one relates
Cos Simon is a hedgehog and he hibernates

Oh Simon… Oh Simon…
Haven’t you ever wondered why, man…?
The trees have no leaves; there’s a chill on the breeze;
And the sun is getting lower in the sky, man?

Winter is coming; the snow’s on its way
And Santa’s getting ready for his busy day
The children are all practicing their Christmas songs
But don’t you worry you can sleep all winter long

(Organ Instrumental)

When the hedgehogs wake up in the Spring
They’ll have missed all the Christmas bells ring
But they’ll feel it on their whiskers
Christmas always lingers on…

When Simon wakes up this Springtime he’ll rub his eyes
He’ll check his letterbox and find a big surprise
I posted lots of presents wrapped in Christmas wrap
So happy Christmas, hope that you enjoyed your nap!

Oh Simon… Oh Simon…
Hope that you like your socks and you tie, man
Some cufflinks for you, and a chocolate orange too
And a very merry Christmas to you, Simon!

Simon… Oh Simon…
Have a glass of Sherry and a minced pie, man
Simon… Oh Simon…
And a very merry Christmas to you, Simon!
Track Name: A Space Monkey Came Travelling (ft. Charlotte Mendly)

Steven the Monkey has fallen to Earth
In a sprout-powered flying machine
Sprout-less and far from the world of his birth
He has to come clean
That he means to take all of our Brussels
And leave none
Without them he can’t fly away

But how can we celebrate Christmas if Steven
Has taken the Brussels away?

(Bass Instrumental)

The Planet of Monkeys is light-years away
Should we return him and spoil Christmas Day?

Please return Steven, we miss him so much
He’s brave and incredibly brawn
Stories of Christmas, our hearts they have touched
Our hearts have been torn
So we’re launching a mountain of Brussels
Towards you
A mountain is coming your way!

Now look to the stars, for it’s raining a mountain
Of Brussels upon Christmas Day
Oh, rejoice! For it’s raining a mountain
Of Brussels upon Christmas Day!
Track Name: Chilly Mr. Penguin (ft. David Blazye)

Chilly Mr. Penguin wrote a letter to Santa
Posted it on Tuesday, but he ain’t had no answer
All he wants for Christmas is a hat and a scarf
He’s been waiting by the chimney for an hour and a half

Poor old Mr. Penguin, he’s as cold as can be
The fireplace is empty, like the socks on the tree
He cannot light a fire until Santa has been
So hurry Mr. Christmas down the chimney, please

Sleepy Mr. Penguin – He’s asleep in a chair
He’s woken by a magical sound & warmth in the air
It’s a roaring open fire, and he cannot believe
The range of lovely presents ‘round the Christmas tree

Lucky Mr. Penguin tears the wrapping away
A jar of pickled herring makes a rock hopper’s day
A honey roasted salmon and a bucket of sprats
And, oh! A most delightful range of scarves and hats!

Happy Mr. Penguin!